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ATLANTA, November 22, 2022Rheem’s Pro Terra® The plug-in heat pump water heater has won the CES 2023 Innovation Award in the sustainability, eco-design and smart energy categories.

The Consumer Technology Association’s CES Awards Program is an annual global competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in 28 consumer technology product categories. This year, more than 2100 products were presented for consideration.

According to Rheem sources, water heating is the second largest energy consumer in the home and more than seven million water heaters have been replaced. every year. Rheem’s ProTerra Plug-In Heat Pump Water Heater is a smart, plug-in replacement for gas-to-electric water heaters and is described as an innovation that helps homeowners reduce energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.

“Rheem is committed to innovating sustainable replacement options to help homeowners and apartment owners reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions,” said Scott Cohen, Rheem’s director of marketing and training. “Being recognized by CES is an honor and a testament to the positive impact of this technology.”

ProTerra Plug-in technology allows homes set up for gas appliances to switch to a more efficient electric heat pump water heater without the need for expensive electrical panel upgrades. ProTerra heat pump water heaters are five times more efficient than a traditional gas tank water heater and can reduce energy consumption by up to 80 percent.

The Rheem ProTerra Plug-In Heat Pump Water Heater is available in two models, both of which are ENERGY STAR.® Certified and Wi-Fi enabled. via Rheem EcoNet® in the app, homeowners can adjust water temperature, monitor energy consumption and program the device throughout the day, taking advantage of low energy time-of-use rates.

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