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BELLE W.Va. — More than 200 Riverside High School students learned more about the nearby manufacturing plant last week as they met with former graduates who worked there.

To conclude the month of manufacturing; Belle Chemical Company hosted Riverside High School (RHS) students Thursday to discuss careers in manufacturing.

Belle told Operations Maintenance Coordinator David Wojciechowicz and a member of the RHS Graduate Class of 2005 that he hopes to reach someone his age.

“Someone junior or senior year who doesn’t need a plan for their life. I’m glad someone told me not to worry so much, Everything will be our work and there is a future for you,” he said.

The panel presented first-grade science classes in grades nine through 12, maintenance, chemical operations; Five Belle Chemical employees representing engineering and chemical career backgrounds participated.

Each participant has their position in the manufacturing plant; their career path; He reportedly gave advice to those who want to pursue a career in manufacturing and the skills needed to work in the manufacturing industry.

Belle employees who participated, including Wojciechowicz, were:

Heather Henson Senior Chemist
Todd Morgan, Senior Reliability Engineer
Angel Saunders Process engineering
Colby Schoolcraft; Chemical operator

“Manufacturing itself is an area that can accommodate everyone. It has a diverse array of options and is needed for all skill types across the manufacturing spectrum,” Wojciechowicz said.

Most of the people who work at Belle are RHS alums, including Schoolcraft. RHS Principal Jane Kennedy said it was important for current students to see alumni succeed.

“I believe it is very important for students to see the students who have walked this hall and are now succeeding. “A lot of times they see negative connotations and they need to change to see that there is room for them to be successful,” Kennedy said.

The Belle Chemical Company 2023 Scholarship Program will open in January 2023. High school seniors interested in pursuing a STEM-related degree at an in-state school or any STEM-related degree may apply. Check out https://bellechemco.com/scholarship-program for details on how to apply.


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