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A Russian anti-war group Stop the Wagons has claimed responsibility for an attack on a train that derailed near the border with Belarus. The statement from Stop The Wagons comes after Russia’s Belgorod region announced on Monday that an explosive device damaged the railway near the village of Nozovybkovo, The Newsweek reported. In a statement on Telegram, Bryansk Governor Aleksandr Bogomaz stated that no injuries were reported due to the damage to the railway and emergency services were deployed to the scene.

Aleksandr Bogomaz wrote in the Telegram post, “Tonight, on the stretch between the settlements of Novozybkov and Zlynka, an unknown explosive device went off. Railway tracks damaged. There were no injuries. Emergency services are on the scene.”

In particular, the railway line is the railway link between Russia and southern Belarus and is used to deliver logistics to Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine. While sharing a photo of the damage to the rail line, Stop the Wagons said in the post on Telegram: “The results of this little explosive sabotage will have to be eliminated with a complete rerouting of the rails. And that’s great. The war will not pass!,” according to to Newsweek report. The images that have appeared on Twitter show damaged railway tracks.

‘Sixth incident of Russian rail sabotage claimed by STW’: UK

Earlier on October 26, the British Ministry of Defense said in its intelligence update that the governor of Russia’s Belgorod region announced that an explosive device had damaged the railway near the village of Novozybkovo, which is about 15 kilometers from the Russia-Belarus border. The British MoD said it is the sixth case that the Russian anti-war group ‘Stop the Wagons’ (STW)’ has claimed responsibility for the attack on Russian rail infrastructure since June.

The British Ministry of Defense said: “This is part of a wider trend of dissident attacks against railways in both Russia and Belarus. Russian authorities have previously cracked down on STW’s online presence.” According to Britain, Russian troops depend on railways to deploy forces to Ukraine. The British MoD said: “The Russian leadership will become increasingly concerned that even a small group of citizens have been sufficiently opposed to the conflict to resort to physical sabotage.”

“The Russian anti-war group ‘Stop the Wagons’ (STW) claimed responsibility for the incident. This is at least the sixth incident of sabotage against Russian rail infrastructure claimed by STW since June,” British Ministry of Defense intelligence said. Update.

“The Russian military primarily relies on rail transport to deploy forces to Ukraine, but with a network that stretches over 33,000 km, and largely passes through isolated areas, the system is extremely challenging to secure against physical threats,” added that to.

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