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Released June 29, 2022

More investment is on the way for short line trains through the Government of Saskatchewan’s Short Line Railway Improvement Program (SRIP).

The $530,000 SRIP grants will help with track upgrades and widening, improved crossing surfaces and sight lines, bridge maintenance, track rehabilitation and more.

“We recognize the importance of the short-haul industry and the important role it plays in supporting our provincial supply chain,” said Highways Minister Jeremy Cockrill. “Railway provides an important transportation link for moving agricultural goods and other products in and out of the province.”

Funding will be awarded based on the amount of track each railroad owns, with small track networks to receive at least $25,000.

Allocations for 2022-23:

  • Southern Rails Cooperative: $25,000
  • Carlton Trail Railway: $37,515
  • Red Coat Road & Rail: $25,000
  • Great Western Railway: $129,909
  • Thunder Rail: $25,000
  • Wheatland Rail: $25,000
  • Torch River Rail: $25,000
  • Great Sandhills Railway: $43,089
  • Last Mountain Railway: $29,155
  • Stewart Southern Railway: $28,297
  • Long Creek Railroad: $25,000
  • Big Sky Rail: $87,035
  • Northern Lights Rail: $25,000

“The financial support we have received from the provincial government is welcome, not only for our operations, but for the efficient operation of the network of short lines in the province,” AGT Foods, the parent company of Mobil Grain and Big Sky Rail President and CEO Murad Al said – Katib. “This funding helps maintain and improve our infrastructure, which ensures safe and efficient rail service critical to supporting producers as well as exporters of agricultural products and other commodities across Saskatchewan.”

Grants will be provided for all 13 short lines, with the province providing up to 50 per cent of eligible project costs.

There are 13 provincially regulated short-line railways in Saskatchewan operating on 2,122 kilometers of track, primarily transporting grain.


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