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Press release: SIASUN Robot & Automation and Huawei have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to accelerate robotic automation applications for 5G smart manufacturing in Thailand in the Asia Pacific region.

SIASUN is a leading provider of industrial robotics and automation technology and a leading company in 5G and ICT solutions.Huawei aims to seamlessly integrate advanced robotics technologies into 5G network solutions. SIASUN’s AGV, which can be rapidly developed with 5G connectivity and accessibility in the HUAWEI cloud; ASRS, Robots We are also collaborating to bring comprehensive smart factory solutions for smart manufacturing through industrial automation solutions to smart manufacturing.

As a cooperation foundation, SIASUN and HUAWEI have launched SIASUN AGV, the first commercial 5G smart factory solution in Thailand. ASRS, We partnered to provide robotics and HUAWEI cutting-edge 5G ICT technologies. It not only sets the benchmark in the ideal region of a 5G smart factory, but also serves as a typical example for the industry in the region.

In order to enhance their mutual advantages, SIASUN and Huawei will cooperate in manufacturing, logistics, health care, mine port We partner with oil and gas and many other industries to seamlessly transition from traditional labor-intensive production to high-value manufacturing. . It not only provides a high potential solution, but also enables industries to participate in regional and global competition with high growth potential.

This collaboration is cutting-edge for local customers. An elegant design; commercially available; We hope to produce potential 5G robotic automation solutions. It aims to strengthen regional 5G technology applications in industries with high connectivity and rigidity. Through the ecosystem cooperation of HUAWEI and SIASUN, we are trying to find a new approach of 5G application in manufacturing sectors.

Huawei Technologies Asia-Pacific Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Xusu, We are working with Siasun on some 5G projects, especially in factory automation in Thailand. We believe that tight cooperation with partners is greater than 2 1+1 results. This will help all parties, including users, to gain more benefits and accelerate their digital transformation processes. We look forward to building more innovative and niche solutions through our collaboration.

On behalf of SIASUN Thailand, Mr. Teerawat hopes that the signing of the MoU will continue to speed up the process of 5G deployment in manufacturing industries with robotics technology from China. Laying a solid foundation for 5G application is the key to the success of 5G smart factory. With over 22 years of SIASUN’s industry solution services knowledge; Massive industrial automation and transformation opportunities can be foreseen in the near future. Let SIASUN and HUAWEI have a bright future in promoting 5G robotics and smart factories across the Asia Pacific region.

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