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Tokyo, November 9 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Skillnote Corporation has released Skillnote Insight, a new feature of the Skillnote skill management system.

Skillnote Insight is a subclass; Skill information for employees centrally managed using Skillnote across various axes such as age group and time periods; A function performed for analyzing competency data and training data. It enables analysis and understanding of data such as skill status and education status from a macro perspective for the entire organization and supports strategic planning and decision-making not only in front-line divisions but also in HR divisions and headquarters. Top management.

Skillnote Insight is a new feature that integrates with Skillnote’s existing features and significantly enhances their value.

Development background

The manufacturing environment is currently undergoing significant changes. Under these conditions, there is pressure to transform the skills required by employees and the methods used for human resource development. Skillnote understands employee talent as a useful data source of strength to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing companies, and considers it important to utilize it more than conventional management in front-line divisions.

Skillnote Insight has been developed to increase the usefulness of information collected through skill management in manufacturing operations and to support strategic planning and decision-making for not only front-line departments but also for the entire company through analysis from a macro perspective.

Key features of Skillnote Insight

  • A variety of analytical models are available that reflect Skillnote’s insights and knowledge.

  • Reducing the hassle and time required for file integration and data collection.

  • Analysis results can be exported to formats such as PDF and Excel for sharing in reports.

  • User permissions can be set.

About the Skillnote skill management system

Skillnote is a skill management system that enables centralized management and operation of skill metrics that were previously managed in manufacturing operations using paper or spreadsheets. It enables employees at production sites to perform planned human resource development and human resource responsibilities using skill information. Access to employee skills information by systematically linking training information and competency information enables development plans optimized for individuals and development management.

About Skillnote Corporation

Skillnote Corporation (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Takafumi Yamakawa) was founded in 2016 and is a global company that provides the Skillnote skills and training management system with a focus on manufacturing environments. With the vision of “realizing a world where all workers can thrive and have a fulfilling career,” the company aims to realize a society where everyone involved in manufacturing works hard, and is actively engaged in scientific analysis of the progress of manufacturing workers. See for details.

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