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SNIPES, the leading sneaker and streetwear retailer, has announced the SNIPES Young Geniuses Program, an initiative to increase access to and participation in higher education for youth in underserved communities.

The first initiative of the Young Geniuses program is SNIPES Young Geniuses: Innovation Lab, a makerspace to teach students design and technical skills to create a diverse and inclusive footwear industry. As part of the initiative, the brand will partner with the STE(A)M Truck Mobile Innovation Lab to develop and deliver the program’s eight-week curriculum. The first SNIPES Young Geniuses Innovation Lab will be launched in Atlanta on October 24.

As the demand for STEM-related careers and occupations continues to grow, there is a greater need for skilled STEM talent. Amy Sharma, Ph.D., executive director of Science for Georgia, says, “It is critical that we develop an educated and well-trained STEM-ready workforce so that Georgia’s citizens can meet the demands of a science and technology economy. a pipeline of students learning job-ready skills”. SNIPES addresses these disparities and creates community-focused programming like the SNIPES Young Geniuses Innovation Lab, putting emerging and diverse young talent at the forefront of the future of innovation.

SNIPES Young Geniuses: Innovation Lab is an off-site maker space where selected faculty facilitate workshops aimed at teaching students design and technology skills for eight weeks. SNIPES has partnered with STE(AM) TRUCK, a growing fleet of mobile innovation labs that take kids out of their comfort zones and empower them to engage, create and learn using a STEAM-based curriculum and real tools and technologies. With STE(A)M Truck and supporting design partners, SNIPES will develop a program curriculum designed to challenge students to create versatile designs to meet the footwear needs of diverse communities, with an emphasis on advancing footwear in the marketplace. As a result, a functional piece of footwear is developed for an inclusive community.

“At SNIPES, it’s important to make a positive impact on our communities,” he said Jim BoykoPresident of SNIPES USA.

“We see a huge opportunity to develop STEM leaders and creators from our neighborhoods. SNIPES Young Geniuses: Innovation Lab not only teaches students about the sneaker industry, innovative technology and engineering, but it also imparts new critical thinking skills and a positive mindset that can be applied to any profession.”

SNIPES Young Geniuses: Innovation Lab aims to balance the fundamentals of footwear design with innovative technology. Local community experts, including renowned instructors, designers and engineers, are invited to speak to students about various elements of the program’s curriculum, including:

“STE(A)M Truck is very excited to be a part of this incredible opportunity. “Since 2014, we have supported students in Metro Atlanta through design education and instruction focused on design thinking.” Marsha FrancisPh.D., Executive Director of STE(A)M Truck.

“The SNIPES Young Geniuses: Innovation Lab project is great because we know that high school students have a lot of potential and have a lot of great, creative and valuable ideas about their world.”

“This is a great opportunity for students to apply empathy-based design in a real-world way that allows them to explore a need and create viable solutions that are directly related to their culture!”

This first SNIPES Young Geniuses: Innovation Lab will be launched in Atlanta, Georgia on Monday, October 24. The program targets high school students in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area who are interested in technology, design and engineering. The brand focuses on schools near its stores and works closely with partner institutions to ensure continued participation in the program.

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