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Translating academic discoveries into solutions that benefit families, communities and society is at the heart of what we do at UCalgary. October 11-14 – Social Innovation Week, a collection of events, talks, talks and celebrations.

SI Week spotlights those who help advance work, projects, research and enterprise based on social innovation. The weekly lineup features events hosted by members across Calgary’s broader social innovation ecosystem.

Karen Benzis, director of the Social Innovation Initiative and a professor in the School of Nursing, says the week is an opportunity to learn more about social innovation, connect with the community and talk about fostering social innovation in academia, society, industry, agencies, systems. and the government.

“It’s exciting to be a part of the innovation ecosystem at UCalgary. It’s also time to think differently about how we approach our work. “Meeting the community we want to serve is the first and most important step,” says Benzis.

“The innovative work we do creates solutions that address positive social change and impactful social needs.”

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Whether you’re a social innovator, social enterprise founder, researcher, community member, or just want to learn more about social innovation, there’s an activity for you.

See SI Week’s full schedule or browse the stories below.

October 11
O’Brien Institute: Social Innovation for Public Health. Explore the topic of social innovation in public health.

Social Impact Technology: What is it and Why Should We Care? Explore the intersection of social purpose and technology development.

Ask me anything about social entrepreneurship. Interested in social entrepreneurship? Trying to solve a social problem? Ask our team of experienced professionals.

October 12
Namada: A Resource Tool for Social Innovators and Entrepreneurs. A digital tool to help social changemakers easily find resources and supports available in Alberta.

Petronas International Speaker Series: Security and Climate: What is Canada’s Role?

Formation of personal and professional stability in social innovation. Impact of mental health and how to develop tools and strategies to develop resilience skills.

Navigating an unpredictable future. How do we overcome uncertainty, build great relationships, and thrive?

October 13
Creation and support of public partnerships. Gain insight into the partnership process and learn how to mobilize knowledge and provide opportunities that support partnerships in their early stages.

Holiday of social innovators. Celebrate the entrepreneurs and innovators working to create a better future for Alberta (and beyond)! Come to our exhibition, share your story, join and help shape the Social Innovation Hub.

October 14
Data Science: Data for Good. How data can be used to change missions, strategies and policies for social good.


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