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Participatory surveillance programs are gaining traction around the world early detection and response to outbreaks

SAN FRANCISCO and PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, October 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In recognition of the growing success of innovation in disease detection, Ending Pandemics today released the Unified Health Surveillance Map. This comprehensive collection of interactive, web-based, direct public participation systems was previewed at the 4th International Participatory Oversight Workshop. Phnom Penh, and represents 60 systems in 41 countries. The new map is online at

Peer surveillance (PS) programs allow community members to report abnormal health events in their families, animals and local environment. Chicken breeder within PS programs ThailandWorld Cup fan Brazilmother Cambodia, and a student in New York are examples of millions of citizens who have helped identify and report suspected health conditions in their communities using simple phone, photo, and text technologies to help identify outbreaks and public awareness. Users of PS systems receive health information, real-time maps of similar diseases in their location, and immediate feedback on what to do to stay safe during public health emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new PS Systems Map reflects the broad and growing interconnectedness of human, animal and environmental health – an approach commonly referred to as One Health – and organizes programs from different health sectors and countries.

“Ending the Pandemic is a visionary group creating exemplary outbreak control tools and systems used by national and regional health agencies around the world,” said Dr. J. Larry Brilliant, respected epidemiologist and CEO of Pandefense Advisory. “The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for innovation in rapid detection. This new map of collaborative surveillance systems is poised to serve as a key resource for the massive expansion of global disease detection in the coming years.”

Participatory surveillance has emerged as a promising approach for rapid outbreak detection and control, with recognized success. Three such examples include:

  • 2022 World Health Organization Innovation in Health Impact Award of Cambodia 115 hotline system credited for identifying 90% of early COVID-19 cases in the country.
  • The Trinity Challenge Grand Prize will be awarded in 2021 Thai A single health disease detection program that works with thousands of farmers to detect and stop poultry-based outbreaks early.
  • The Pierre Faber Foundations Global South eHealth Observatory Prize, 2019, was awarded to AfyaData. Tanzania for an innovative digital disease surveillance application that enables people in communities to report potential infectious diseases in humans and animals. AfyaData was also recognized in the Heroes in the Field series Bill Gates.

Dr. Mark Smolinskiepidemiologist and president of Ending Pandemics: “Speed ​​plays a key role in disease prevention and control, and as the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, our global control must be faster and stronger. Communities that directly report illness or adverse symptoms can help us to identify events earlier and respond to health crises more quickly.” We’ve invested in partnerships across five continents to expand shared control, hoping to inspire communities around the world to truly prevent the pandemic.

About the One Health Collaborative Monitoring Interactive Map

Ending the Pandemic envisions a world in which all people in all countries participate openly and freely in early disease detection, and where operational systems are now more interested in and inspired by collaborative surveillance. The organization created the interactive map as a freely available resource to support and engage communities to be part of this larger movement. The map is designed to allow additional systems to be added as they become available, while maintaining its value as an up-to-date global resource.

Objectives of the map:

  • Show the breadth of joint control around the world
  • Demonstrate the use of this innovative approach in One Health
  • Provide key metrics for each system, including contact information
  • Develop communication and cooperation between communities using joint surveillance systems

About stopping the pandemic

San FranciscoBased on Ending Pandemics, Ending Pandemics is a non-profit organization that provides scientific, technical and catalytic funding to rapidly identify outbreaks in disease outbreaks. An innovator in community engagement, cross-sector/cross-border collaboration, and dissemination of epidemic information, Ending Pandemics works closely with local governments, citizens, private sector partners, and human, animal, and environmental efforts. For more information, visit this site

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