Students at the School of Innovation learn to weld for a diploma | So Good News


Oct. 31 — Students at the School of Innovation learn welding as a new opportunity offered by the Springfield City School District.

About a dozen students use the resources of the Kumbez welding laboratory to learn about welding and get hands-on experience.

Students are learning from Len McConnaughey, who has his own factory shop in Springfield. They will work with him twice a week until the end of the school year.

The purpose of the opportunity is for students to earn one of two stamps required for the Class of 2023 and graduation from the Ohio Department of Education. Seals allow students to demonstrate important foundational knowledge and skills, while also making them more employable out of high school and into in-demand fields.

Eight of the students passed their first industry welding test and can choose to become certified welders after high school.

Superintendent Bob Hill said it was a great opportunity for students at the School of Innovation.

“It made the possibilities beyond high school very real for them. They’re no longer studying for a welding career — they’re welding. I think a lot of them have found a new passion that will be a springboard for their future success,” he said. he said.

Hill said the district has many other examples of career readiness resources available to students.

Springfield opened the School of Innovation about four years ago in the former Keifer Academy at 601 Selma Road. It is a project-based learning center that provides a non-traditional environment where students work collaboratively to solve problems and present their findings.


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