Successful 1st Thai-Dutch Collaboration on Innovations for Sustainable Agriculture Conference | So Good News


Chiang Mai Province, Thailand, welcomes 200 international participants and a delegation from the Netherlands to the International Conference on Agriculture; Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture 2022, October 2022.

“Global agriculture is facing challenges due to climate change. Innovations in agriculture can mitigate the negative impact of these challenges, while improving the efficiency of the agro-food production value chain for food security, and taking into account access to food. The Faculty of Agriculture at Chiang Mai University recognizes the importance of sustainable innovation in agriculture. Our vision, Smart Agriculture for a Better Life, focuses on using agricultural innovation to improve the well-being of people around the world through scientific collaboration and information. The 1st Thailand-Dutch Innovation Conference for Sustainable Agriculture 2022 will offer excellent knowledge and experience sharing on innovative sustainable agri-food systems.” Dr. Tonaph Pusadi, Vice Dean for Research and Innovation, Chiang Mai University, during the conference.

Three-day “Agrarian international conference; Innovation Sustainable Agriculture 2022” organized by the Faculty of Agriculture, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai. The Netherlands delegation was invited by Chiang Mai University to actively participate. Dutch guest speakers were Gijs Theunissen DVM, agricultural consultant; Utrecht University Prof. Dr. Jaap A. Wagenaar; Victor J. van den Heuvel, Green Eco Furnance BV; Menno Keppel, Agri Solutions Asia Co., Ltd. and Professor Andy Nelson of the University of Twente, who gave a virtual keynote address from the Netherlands. More than 200 audiences from 9 countries are participating in the conference. A lively exchange and discussion will be observed during the Q&A with the audience and the Dutch speakers and will focus on improving sustainable agriculture.

“Our global food security is under pressure from the climate crisis. International cooperation is needed. The collaboration between the Embassy of the Netherlands and Chiang Mai University to organize the 1st Thai-Netherlands Session on Innovations for Sustainable Agriculture in 2022 has created another milestone in Thai-Dutch cooperation in the field of sustainable agriculture. President of Chiang Mai University, Prof. Dr. Pongruk Sribanditmongkol said at the reception.



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