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Advanced Engineering, the UK’s home of engineering and manufacturing innovation, announced a range of products and technologies at the show to fill its unique innovation niches. Here visitors can see the most advanced technologies in engineering and production. Taking place at the NEC in Birmingham on 2nd and 3rd November 2022, the show will bring together professionals from the aerospace, automotive, medical, composites, performance metals and related industries.

This year, Advanced Engineering will showcase seven innovations on the show floor. Advanced manufacturing experts from the University of Manchester will provide attendees with an insight into what human life in space might look like, providing graphene-enhanced space environments designed to meet the predicted demand for extraterrestrial settlements.

The university, in collaboration with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, researched the design and manufacture of the habitat and is now ready to bring a scale prototype complete with pressure vessels to work in space.

Oxford Brookes Racing and Warwick Racing will also feature two innovations born from the Formula Student competition, which showcases electric power on the formula circuit. A recent survey conducted by Advanced Engineering in collaboration with YouGov found that 54 percent of respondents were unlikely to own an electric vehicle by 2030. The goal of Warwick and Oxford Brookes is to show that electric vehicles are not only on the road, but also successful. Along the way.

In keeping with its goal of cross-industry collaboration, Advanced Engineering is pleased to announce that Bcomp, a leading supplier of natural fiber reinforcement solutions in high-performance applications, will also be exhibiting a range of components. These components are regularly used in sports, motorsports, as well as car interiors, luxury sailing yachts, bridges and satellite panels.

Grain storage operator Crover also had an innovative spot at this year’s show thanks to the development of the world’s first granular drone capable of moving through bulk solids and powders. Crover’s method of motion in granular materials was made possible by a new physical discovery that allowed motion in solids.

Spacecraft propulsion pioneer Plastron will occupy one of the innovation spaces this year. Plastron hosts an integrated partial physical mock-up and virtual reality environment of a personal object. This will give visitors an idea of ​​a typical in situ use of the facility against the background of how the UK space industry is developing. Plastron has more than 40 years of experience in spacecraft propulsion system design, testing and launch site operations for scientific and communications satellite programs.

Finally, Ian Gardner, IBM’s keynote speaker and Industry 4.0 solutions architect, will show the Attentional Machines Cat, which has been prototyped for the first time in 2019. An autonomous robot uses attention to learn and explore the world and can be taught by its owner through adaptation. artificial intelligence.

Advanced Engineering’s 2022 launch is less than two weeks away. Visit to register as a visitor to secure your item.


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