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by Express news service

HYDERABAD: In a major boost to space technology in the state, Telangana has integrated rocket design; A manufacturing and testing center will be established. IT and Industries Minister KT Rama Rao said the facility will be the first such facility to be set up by a state in the country.

Participating in the success story of Skyroot Aerospace, he said he was proud that the Hyderabad-based startup had successfully launched a rocket into space in its first attempt. Integrated rocket design in the state to Rama Rao of Skyroot Aerospace; He asked for cooperation in setting up a manufacturing and testing center. He said that he was proud to support companies like Skyroot from the beginning and Telangana government would fully cooperate with its future plans.

Assuring that the government will provide all possible support for the proposed facility, he said, “With the success of Skyroot, the name of Hyderabad and T Hub is once again done.”

The minister opined that it is not easy to carry out complex tests like rocket launches successfully. Being able to launch a rocket into space on the first try is no longer a common occurrence, and is only possible with teamwork at Skyroot. “Investors normally do not have much interest in rocket manufacturing, but this mindset will change in the coming days,” he said, adding that he hoped Hyderabad would become an aerospace capital.

Skyroot plans to expand ops in Hyd.

“Another venture, Hyderabad-based Dhruva, will soon launch nanosatellites and the country will soon witness another success story. Rockets can be manufactured here with the space technology policy adopted by the Telangana government,” said KTR. Co-founders of Skyroot Aerospace Nagar Bharat and Pawan Kumar said it was a great thing to set up THub and TWorks to give impetus to a great idea and their role cannot be forgotten. Pawan Kumar warned that the company will continue to expand in Hyderabad as a hub in the future and this success is possible due to the support of the ecosystem in Hyderabad for skilled people and various sectors related to the space industry.


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