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LENSING, Austria, Oct. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sustainability is in the DNA of the TENCEL™ brand. When consumers start to question the environmental claims due to green cleaning practices, it has been the goal of TENCEL ™ to increase transparency in all sales channels, so that not only the interest of our valuable partners and the brand of consumers is protected, but consumers are always protected. they can buy the best sustainable products.

In celebration of TENCEL™’s 30Th This year’s anniversary, while Lenzing’s growth in certification numbers is still on track, Lenzing is committed to working with our valued partners to overcome any challenges that may arise.

Some of the latest TENCEL™ brands include:

Timberland partners with TENCEL™ to launch a new eco-friendly collection

The iconic Timberland brand has combined TENCEL™ with REFIBRA™ lyocell technology in their latest range, TIMBERLAND EARTHKEEPERS® BY RAEBURN. Collections, made by Christopher Raeburncombines Timberland’s outdoor heritage with TENCEL™’s commitment to a circular economy in the textile industry.

Jacaranda and TENCEL™ have launched a carbon zero carpet and rug collection

UK luxury carpets and rugs manufacturer Jacaranda has launched the world’s first range of carpets and rugs made from 100% carbon-zero TENCEL™ lyocell fibres. Named “Seoni”, the collection has raised the standard for home and decor. As the TENCEL™ brand continues its ‘True Carbon Zero’ journey, Jacaranda has also committed to becoming zero carbon by 2040 as part of its pledge to the UN’s ‘Race to Zero’ mission.

Lenzing responds to copyright infringement and fraud by Red Points agreement

Lenzing agreed with them Red Points, an online IP infringement detection and remediation company, to combat privacy violations and fraud. Harold Weghorst, Vice President of Global Marketing and Branding at Lenzing, indicated that the partnership will increase transparency and transparency within the product. The agreement also helps to address growing concerns from consumers, who are interested in knowing the entire production process of the products they buy and more information about issues such as greenwashing.

Enhance consumer brand with TENCEL™

Buyers and sellers trust the quality of TENCEL™ and trust the durability and quality of its fiber products. In order to maintain the integrity of the brand, Lenzing AG protects the TENCEL™ trademark by quickly detecting and enforcing infringements and misuses, with the help of fiber verification systems.



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