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The 2022 European Senior Chess Championship (50+ and 65+ age categories) was concluded yesterday in Dresden, Germany.

England won the 50+ event by a run at 50-1 and had a convincing 17 match points after nine games. Berlin 1 and Germany finished second with points from 14 matches each. According to tiebreak criteria (Olympiad-Sonneborn-Berge), Berlin won 1 silver and Germany won bronze.

The top ranked women’s team was Germany 1 with 8 match points and a better tiebreaker than Germany 2 with the same number of points. Heidenau from Shachkonigin was third.

Germany’s Lasker Schachstiftung GK won the 65+ category with 15 match points, defeating Sweden by 1 point in the direct final round for the medals. Finland 65 and Germany 3 tied for 2nd place with 13 match points, but tiebreak criteria gave Finland 65 silver and Germany 3 bronze medals. The best women’s team in the rating was Germany with 7 points.

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The winners of the event received trophies and medals, as well as the title of 2022 European Senior Team Chess Champion in the respective category. The total prize fund of the event was 6000 euros.

The closing ceremony of the event took place last night.

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