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Sitka, Alaska, December 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Presented by Consensus Digital Media Episode #11 according to Made in America: American Innovatorsshows the island city Sitka. It is located in the southeast Alaska, Sitka leads renewable energy innovation to preserve the island and increase access to Alaska’s resources in partnership with local people.

Tune in to hear about renewable energy from the residents of The Last Frontier Sitka through two hydroelectric dams and how the city is improving and wants to export decarbonisation innovations beyond the island’s shores and throughout the territory Alaska.

In Alaska’s cold climate, heating consumes a significant amount of electricity, and the city is working to provide electric air source heat pumps across the island to reduce carbon emissions, high heating costs and stay ahead of the electrification curve. Sitka The Department of Electric Power is enrolled in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Transition Initiative partnership project and is working with local partners such as the Alaska Renewable Energy Project and the National Energy Laboratories. Sitka meeting the demand for renewable energy sources and expanding the positive impact of decarbonization across the country.

“Consensus is pleased to highlight this story of balancing innovation and preservation,” said Consensus Publisher Conor Gaughan. “It’s inspiring to see this community have such a wide-ranging impact. Sitka offers a blueprint for other localities’ approaches to promoting sustainability, regardless of size.”

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