The Consumer Council wants the illegal documents to be removed | So Good News


The Coimbatore Consumer Cause Association has requested to take action to stop the re-registration of invalid documents of websites which were registered after October 20, 2016.

The secretary of the consumer association K. Kathirmathiyon said that all documents registered against Section 22 A of the Registration Act should be canceled and the registration department should conduct a special investigation to find all illegal documents that have not been reported and action should be taken against the authorities who register such documents. The department should also suspend or fire employees who were responsible for registering documents against the law.

Mr. Kathirmathiyon said that the State government implemented the amendment to Section 22 A of the Registration Act from October 20, 2016. However, several illegal housing sites were illegally registered by small registrars after that.

The IG Registration conducted an investigation to find documents that were registered against the law and held the District Registrar (Audit) accountable for not reporting the illegal registration.

Mr. Kathirmathiyon said the registration was done in collaboration with the registration authorities. These documents are illegal and illegal in the eyes of the law. Section 22 A of the amendment allows for the re-registration of illegal land documents registered before October 20, 2016. However, documents illegally registered after October 20, 2016 are also now re-registered as second and subsequent sales. “When the first sale (document) is not allowed all subsequent sales (registrations) are prohibited,” he said.

The government has failed to take action against officials who have registered illegal documents of this nature. The department also told the consumer association that illegally registered documents cannot be reopened as there is no provision in the Registration Act to order and cancel such documents. Now what has been established in the Act is that all illegal documents should be cancelled, he said.


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