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The new devices reflect continued innovation in mobile biometrics

The end of October brought a flurry of news indicating the growing popularity of biometric authentication in smartphones and other consumer devices.

In particular, selfies remain very popular.

Singaporean fintech app Advanced.AI has announced that it has introduced a selfie-based onboarding system for Finnix. Finnix was developed by Thailand-based lender Monix and offers access to microfinance loans. Users can verify their identity by uploading Thai national ID cards and face photos.

Hinge has also become the latest dating app to include identity verification to combat phishing and fraud. Next month, the platform will introduce a video selfie feature that will allow users to get a “Verified” badge on their profiles.

While these companies have demonstrated the power of selfie biometrics for device unlocking, MSI has gone one step further. It has the new Summit E14 Flip Evo facial recognition system, which is used to automatically dim the screen when the user looks away and locks the device in the absence of an authorized user. The security feature is designed for professionals who work with confidential client information.

And the latest innovation is not limited to facial recognition. Mitek announced a multimodal authentication solution based on voice and face recognition. Working through a smartphone app, it essentially requires the user to take a selfie while uttering a certain phrase. Demo SDK is available now.

And Level has announced a new, physical locking system designed to increase the biometric security of Apple devices. Level’s Lock+ can be installed over a standard lock and interfaces wirelessly with the iOS Home Keys app. Users can configure it to unlock by scanning their face with iPhone Face ID, or by scanning their Touch ID fingerprint, or even with a contactless wave of their iPhone or Apple Watch near the lock.

These innovations demonstrate the biometric innovation underway in the consumer sector and the importance of identity in today’s mobile device usage. And there will definitely be more to come.


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