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MADISON – Most of the youngsters at the Halloween Chess Tournament wore costumes they dreamed up – some funny, some historical, some scary.

“We’ve seen some great costumes at the biggest Halloween chess tournament ever! Over 160 registrants and great weather made it perfect,” said Ranae Bartlett. Bartlett is the executive director of the Madison City Chess League.

Ninety players competed in the Ranked divisions. “Rapid Ratings was in line with the Game’s 20-minute time tracking,” Bartlett said.

The following paragraphs summarize the winning players. Rated sections appear first, followed by unrated ones. The rankings begin with first place and proceed in descending order.

K-3 (kindergarten through 3rd grade) Milan Malak, Asher Allison, Annabelle Hsu, Christopher Chan, Charlie Salters, Lukas Osipychev, Dennis Lenski, Daniel Lee, Hannah Kuang, John Park and Joanna He, Best Woman .

K-5 winners were Daksh Sunil, Esteban Jerez, Andrew Tkach, Direne Pammina, Margaret Lin, Isaac Doyle, Micah Salter, Theodore Piper, Cora Newberry, Mason Park and Abigail Barbre, Best Female.

For the K-8 group, Jethro Jones took first place, followed by Jacob New, Sophia Jerez, Christina Yang, Abigail Chan, Joseph Park, Kaden Jodan, Genji Niinomi, Anna Ai, Noah Hsu and Kathryn Meyer, Top Female.

Leading the K-12 section are Caroline Wang, Isaiah Mares, Aaron Chen, Sahishnu Saha, James Lewis, Aidan Campbell, Jackson Martin, Janvi Prajapati, Simon Kibbey and Kalief Farrell.

“68 players competed in the unranked K-2 and K-5 divisions of the Halloween tournament. We had a couple of withdrawals due to registrants getting sick, but it was still a record tournament,” Bartlett said.

“We are always happy to welcome many new players to try their first chess tournament in an unranked division. We hope that everyone will have a USA Chess membership to play in the Queen’s Quest tournament in November,” said Bartlett.

Starting with K-5 for underrated play, the winners were Ronan Price, Lincoln Jeffries, Lauren Weisenberg, Rohin Seal, Medha Akarapu, Sterling Turner, Arvin Young and Kathleen Hilderbrand, top female.

Best players for K-2 were Junpei Noda, Ananth Ravishekar, Arya Sathees, Medha Prashant, Arjun Sathees, Alexander Rhodes and Emily Rytting, best female.

“We would like to thank our sponsor, Sullins Eye Care Center, Superintendent Ed Nichols for congratulating all the competitors and their families, and Superintendent Eric Terrell for helping us with costume and dance gifts and cheering on our boys playing chess. day,” Bartlett said.

“A big thank you to all the parents and students who helped set up and clean up the football field. And the amazing photos were taken by photographer Scott Wilhelm,” said Bartlett.


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