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The railway infrastructure in Romania’s port of Constanța is to be modernized through a 1 billion euro investment project financed by the EU.

The funds, RON 5.3 billion (approx. EUR 1 billion), come from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for the modernization of train lines. The project includes the electrification of all lines in the port and the introduction of a centralized electronic signaling system that will better handle the incoming ship lines to the port.

The funding amount was set in September 2022 and may be supplemented depending on the subsequent development of the prices of construction materials, according to The modernization works have a 4-year deadline.

Transport Minister Sorin Grindeanu recently announced during a press conference that as much as EUR 800 million from the European transport programs CEF and POT can be invested in the port railway system. He also said that the first 35 of the 99 lines included in the repair program are almost complete.

There are approximately 300 km of railway in the port of Constanța, of which the national railway company manages 180 km. There are also 367 train lines in total, of which 45 are operated by private companies. However, a quarter of the port’s lines are closed, and another quarter have speed restrictions that limit trains to 5 km/h.

“The main objective of this investment, a restoration project of public benefit of national interest, is to optimize the railway activity in the port of Constanța by increasing the performance of the transport system, respectively the accessibility of the port. This is essential to take over the cargo. flows and transfer them from sea transport to land transport , says the project.

The project also includes the restoration of road infrastructure in the port and the replacement of bridges that are no longer up to the existing standard. A crossing bridge will also be built to increase transport capacity in the port. Furthermore, all existing telecommunications systems must be replaced with state-of-the-art, modern equipment.

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