The Quinte region suffers from a manufacturing shortage. | So Good News


A recent report from Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters found that the Canadian economy lost $13 billion last year alone due to a nationwide labor and skills shortage in the manufacturing sector.

The survey of 563 manufacturers across 17 industries found that nearly two-thirds have experienced production delays due to lost or rejected contracts and labor shortages.

It says 43% of companies have postponed or canceled capital projects due to a lack of capital.

Quinte Economic Development Commission CEO Chris King said the Quinte region is also experiencing a shortage.

“We talk to our manufacturers on a regular basis and many of them report that their operations are not fully staffed, which means one of the production lines may not be running when they should be running,” King tells us. Quinte news. “So you’re going to lose revenue and revenue and taxation — the same thing with that production line working.

King said he is aware of “100s, if not 1000s” of unfilled jobs in the area.

There are different ways to solve the shortage.

“We have a program in partnership with Loyalist College called Elevate Plus that trains people with employment and barriers to work in the manufacturing sector.” said the king.

“Everyone who completes that four-week program gets a full-time, permanent job in the manufacturing sector at no cost. So it’s a good program.”

King also highlighted the Proudly Made in Quinte program, which promotes products in the Quinte region.

In the national report, Canadian manufacturers and exporters say more than 80% of respondents face labor or skills shortages.

That’s up from 60% in 2020 and 39% in 2016.


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