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LAHORE: According to Pakistan Railways (PR) police, they have registered 208 cases in the last six months against trespassers who crossed the railway line from unauthorized crossings or points, endangering their lives and those of passengers.

According to a spokesman, as trespassing on railway tracks results in loss of precious lives and damage to railway property, PR police in Karachi, Sukkar, Multan, Quetta, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshawar divisions have registered FIRs against the trespassers and have also launched awareness campaigns about the problem in an effort to reduce accidents on railway tracks.

“A total of 43 cases were recorded in May, 44 in June, 21 in July, 28 in August, 27 in September and 43 from October to November 20.” During the awareness raising, the banners were displayed at several stations. The police also distributed leaflets among the passengers in addition to using social media in this regard, the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, the Railway Police (Rawalpindi Division) arrested four persons for violating railway lines. According to the spokesman, the police have seized tools (keys, iron cutters, pliers, etc.) from them. Those arrested include Hussain Shah, Muhammad Bilal, Azhar Iqbal and Naeem Ali.

“The security of railway installations is the main responsibility of the railway police; Therefore, elements involved in damage to railway property will be dealt with strictly and such persons do not deserve any concession, the police said.

FLEET: A fleet of nine waste container repair vehicles was added to Lahore Waste Management Company’s operational vehicle fleet.

Speaking at a ceremony at Outfall Road, Minister Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed said that the beauty of Lahore will be enhanced when the container repair vehicles reach all zones.

LWMC chairman Atif Chaudhry said a sanitary rickshaw service was also launched for narrow streets.

He said container repair vehicles will be useful in refurbishing the damaged containers in the field and making them serviceable.

Repair vehicles are equipped with welding systems and generator systems. Rickshaw tippers will be useful in improving the sanitation system in narrow streets.

“Several steps are being taken to enhance the capacity of the LWMC workshop to achieve this goal. In addition, small containers are manufactured in the LWMC workshop at low cost,” he explained.

Published in Dawn, November 25, 2022


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