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Rhaetian Railway (RHB), a Switzerland-based railway company, recently created the world’s longest train. The company put together a train that was 1.9 kilometers long and was made up of 100 buses. The train ran on the Albula/Bernina route from Preda to Bergen, making its way on one of the most astonishing tracks through the Swiss Alps.

The special train ran on the explicitly designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, crossing through 22 tunnels (some winding through mountains) and over 48 bridges (including the iconic limestone Landwasser Viaduct).

“This year we are celebrating an anniversary of 175 years of Swiss railways and setting the world record is essentially the biggest event of this anniversary,” said Dr Renato Fasciati, CEO of the Rhaetian Railway

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The company is the largest network of all private rail operators in the country, but has been under significant stress since the COVID-19 pandemic. The record-long train was operated by the company to increase awareness of the route as well as promote more train traffic.

“The coronavirus pandemic cost us some big problems, resulting in a 30 per cent loss in our revenue for the train guests,” Dr Fasciati said. He also said that the company ensures that they have placed great emphasis on the safety of the train. The train has 4,550 seats spread over 100 coaches, with a special field telephone designed to allow the 7 drivers and 21 technicians to work together.


To celebrate this, Swiss media broadcasting is currently airing footage from different sides of the train. Many even went up to the mountainside to get a good look at it, as most of the roads were closed to traffic. As the train moved down one side of the mountain, people tried to follow in a parallel path.

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