“The timing is right for us to spend $100m next year,” says the CEO | So Good News


“In the end we were able to go through several bakeries, which gave us a variety of options but were ineffective,” he said.Bobo CEO TJ McIntyre told FoodNavigator-USA.

“This new building has everything under one roof at 123,000 square meters. It is as big as Costco. We believe that the stage is ready for us to spend $100m next year and win over consumers in the cereal group, the food group.”to

The new facility will give Bobo $120m in manufacturing capital and plenty of room to grow over the next few years as the company meets consumer demand that has been limited due to production restrictions.

“Our top line will grow 45% this year and could be as high as 70% with the exit of stocks,”said McIntyre.

“And this is the most difficult and sad thing we can do in business because we don’t spend time talking about clean spaces, and as CEO I don’t spend time with my sales team in an extraordinary way because there is no great opportunity. to think about opportunities and growth. Instead, we have to work hard to let’s fulfill what is coming to us.” to

Super bakery, great size

Its new, high-quality roasting equipment includes automatic equipment that lowers the bar in Bobo’s signature style. One of these machines, affectionately named ‘Bobot’, was designed to be an exact replica of Bobo’s hand-made form.

Bobo’s new bakery can produce 1 million cookies, bites, or baked goods per day and the company already has plans to increase capacity.


“We’re not cutting costs and this new facility is expanding our handcrafting process. This took us two years. We’ve made a $100m corner bakery,” he said.said McIntyre.


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