The Zeanah Engineering Complex encourages innovation | So Good News


Thanks to the volunteer experience we’re building at UT, more students than ever want to come to school in the Rocky Mountains. It’s an experience based on service, leadership and, of course, excellent academic programs.

Academic programs like those at Tickle College of Engineering are part of the reason students from all over the state and country want to come here.

I recently had the privilege of joining our faculty, staff, alumni, and friends for the dedication of the Zeana Engineering Complex. Thanks to Eric Zeana’s family for making the building possible thanks to their generosity.

The modern building houses first-year engineering courses in active classrooms and collaborative studios. It’s also home to our nuclear engineering program — ranked #5 in the nation by US News & World Report. With an unparalleled academic facility and 34 laboratories, this complex allows students and faculty to collaborate on innovative research that improves lives.

This is the future of education, and it’s how we train the next generation of engineering leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. As we continue to build and grow, we prioritize creating spaces for our students that encourage creativity and collaboration.

The momentum we’re building and the experience we’re creating is thanks to the generosity of our volunteer community. I appreciate the many people who support our campus and believe in our vision of being a modern land-grant university.


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