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A number of factors encourage employees to unite for a common goal. Clear direction, effective communication, helpful managers, meaningful work, honest appraisals, and strong values ​​all play a role.

The Salt Lake Tribune’s Best Places to Work report, now in its ninth year, recognizes Utah companies that stand out in a variety of life-changing categories.

The survey is conducted by Energage, a Philadelphia-based research and consulting firm.

Here are the 2022 honorees:

Management: a large company

Dan Burton, Health Catalyst • For this South Jordanian company, the future of healthcare is full of data-driven solutions.

Health Catalyst contributes to this vision by providing healthcare organizations with information and analytics technologies and services. It’s a tough job, but the team trusts its leadership to steer it in the right direction.

Employees describe CEO Dan Burton as an authentic, thoughtful, personable and strategic leader.

“Dan is open-minded,” the employee said, “and is always trying to let team members know where we’re at organizationally.”

Leadership: mid-sized company

Steve Sonnenberg, Awardco • This Lyndon company is already in the appraisal business. It has partnered with Amazon to provide software for employee recognition efforts.

And that doesn’t stop when it comes to his big boss, Steve Sonnenberg.

When asked about their trust in Awardco’s leadership, employees praised Sonnenberg’s humility and concern for their well-being.

One worker said, “I like how involved and aware Steve is of what’s going on around him.”

Leadership: A small company

Carrie Romano, Ronald McDonald House Intermountain Charities • Carrie Romano leads the team, whose mission is to provide a home away from home for families with seriously ill or injured children.

The Utah State crew appreciates his efforts, strategic decision-making and sense of humor in furthering the organization’s mission.

“His passion for the mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities is inspiring,” the employee said. “His love for us as a staff provides a positive environment where growth is safe and possible, and fear is rare.”


Zones • Zonos, based in St. George, is a technology company that creates software that helps companies navigate international trade by providing cost transparency for duties and taxes, global compliance management, and language and currency localization.

Employees see the need for their work and the value it brings to customers and companies, and they believe they are on the right track to fulfilling Zonos’ mission.

“There are many people here who will do their best to make it happen,” the worker wrote. “There are always a lot of new opportunities and the people who work here are passionate about their work and keep up to date with industry changes.”


OC Tanner Co. • Headquartered in Salt Lake City, OC Tanner provides software services that recognize employee milestones and performance achievements.

Many employees praised their managers for their proactive approach, offering plenty of personal input while leaving room for independence and experimentation.

“My manager is going to fight for our team,” the employee said. “He’s very caring and listens when you just need to talk. He is very supportive of your ideas and opinions.”

Managers not only support their employees, but also promote their growth. “I learn their knowledge every day,” said another worker, “by working together.” [them].”

New ideas

Atomic Fi • Founded in 2019 and based in Cottonwood Heights, the company provides the infrastructure to connect payroll accounts to the app, enabling banking freedom for vulnerable populations.

Since its inception, Atomic Fi has encouraged innovation, growth and more development in various departments. Even one day is devoted to this.

“On Fridays, we have Hack Impact day,” the employee explained. “On Hack Impact Day, you can work on anything that improves the lives of customers or the team. This time is used by various team members to create new features for our customers or new internal tools to help make our teams’ lives easier.


Raising Chicken Fingers • With more than 650 restaurants nationwide, Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers is highly regarded for its Southern-style cuisine.

Workers value the effectiveness of the chain, including its standards, training, communication and camaraderie.

“Lifting Sticks effectively explains tasks and how to do them. They do a good job of meeting expectations, and they also work well with their staff and explain things in ways that make sense,” the employee said. “They never made me feel like I couldn’t do anything, and they made me feel welcome and cared for.”

In the end, another worker said, it all amounts to “delicious” fried chicken.


Custody in Utah • Utah foster care staff find value in knowing their daily responsibilities help improve the daily lives of vulnerable children. Their goal is to find, train and support families to meet the needs of children in foster care.

“We help our families support the biological families of children in foster care,” the employee said. “It’s amazing to see families come to us with good intentions, and through training and support, we help them make an extraordinary impact in the community.”


Juniper Systems • This Logan-based electronics manufacturing company not only values ​​its employees, suppliers and customers, but also values ​​its values, namely love and respect — and, according to an employee, “expects.[s] the same for giving back.’

“This is reflected in the company because the work environment embraces this value and those who share this value stay with the company,” added the employee. “There is little real conflict, very little politicking, and virtually no ‘throwing someone under the bus.’ It is rare to hear any profanity, profanity or off-color jokes. People discipline themselves on these issues.”

Introduction senior management

Young car group • Since opening its first dealership in 1925, the young Layton-based automotive group has expanded to more than 20 retail automotive franchises and related operations in northern Utah and southern Idaho.

Although it has more than 1,400 employees, senior management is aligned with its teams, according to employees. Whether it’s informing them about impactful solutions or advising them about challenges, leaders are often tested by their employees.

“They go to each department and raise issues when they know they’re happening, and listen to all sides of the story to understand why some things are happening,” the employee said. “[They] And stop by often to say hello.”

Another said: “They go so far as to know the names of their employees, which seems simple, but not for thousands of employees.”


MarketDial • This Salt Lake City-based software company tests in-store initiatives before implementing them to see if they succeed or fail.

Employees praise their company for new client signings, updates on discounts, or updates on the status of MarketDial’s overall goals.

“Our CEO communicates very well with the team about the state of the company,” the employee said. “I never feel out of step when it comes to financial or cultural events at MarketDial.”


Pura • This Pleasant Grove company smells of success — and it’s no surprise, since it’s in the business of combining smart home technology with the power of fragrance. It partners with top fragrance brands, celebrities and lifestyle brands to bring customers’ favorite fragrances to their homes at the click of a button, according to its website.

Workers say Pura has a knack for making them feel valued, often through verbal praise, recognition, compensation and kindness.

Work life flexibility

Cambridge Financial Group • Headquartered in South Jordan, Cambridge Financial Group provides financial and insurance services to individuals and businesses, providing clients with life insurance, college planning, retirement strategies and estate planning.

The survey did not provide any feedback to employees, but the company was awarded for providing employees with the flexibility they need to balance work and personal life.


Tanner LLC • The 180+ employees of Tanner LLC, Utah’s largest local public accounting firm, value their continuing education opportunities.

Employees noted a variety of courses they considered important, including departmental training on a variety of topics and third-party conferences.


Fidelity Investments • While millions of employees at thousands of businesses benefit from 401(k) plans through Fidelity, so do Fidelity employees themselves.

The financial firm has won top awards for its lucrative packages.

Yes, the list includes a 401(k) offering. But workers also talk about profit sharing, paid time off, health and dental insurance, health savings accounts, paternity leave, tuition and fitness reimbursements, and bonuses.

“As a single dad, I will say that the most valuable part of my vacation time is,” the employee said. “My son is my world and spending time with him when his mother is away allows me to give him the attention and time he needs to continue this relationship.”

Another said, “The things I value the most are health, dental insurance, and retirement savings. I also enjoyed the perks that Fidelity included with our 50% gym membership. Because of this, I started going to the gym, which I absolutely love!”


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