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With the most powerful engines for computer chess championships playing against each other 24/7, chess fans have an almost endless supply of exciting games. However, every now and then there is a game SO no other computer games can compare. When that happens, we just there is to share with the world.

Recently two engines Stoofvlees and Igel faced each other in the 17th Computer Bullet Chess Championship. Playing the Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack was a must for this encounter, and by the eighth move it seemed that normal play would develop. It was at this point that Stufvlis showed his intention to do something surprising. A seemingly simple pawn sacrifice was a bright start to the onslaught to come.

It’s no secret that every chess player likes to see a big piece sacrifice. Nothing makes the heart beat faster than giving away material and drawing a fine line between a surprising victory and a soul-crushing defeat. So you know something special is going to happen when you see the winning side giving away more than one piece, especially when you can’t see the immediate combination to win the game.

Check out the video below where NM Sam Copeland breaks down this crazy game. And, like so many who have seen it before, sit back and enjoy the spectacle as it goes from shock to wonder:

It is very difficult for players to be detached from the “specific” features of a position, such as material counts. In this game, Stoofvlees perfectly demonstrates how the dynamic aspects of the game can be decisive. If you want to take a closer look at the game and appreciate it at your own pace, check it out below with annotations by NM Anthony Levin:

It’s not just the best game PCs have ever played in CCC. Check out our Computer Chess Playlist on YouTube and enjoy the amazing world of computer chess!

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