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Indian Railways offers a wonderful option to help customers with waitlisted tickets to get confirmed seat on another train. The “Vikalp” program is a viable alternative for this.

This year, for the festive season of Diwali and Chhath, the railways is offering a unique service that guarantees you a seat on the train home. In reality, Indian Railways has made a significant change to improve its customers’ travel experiences.

If you’re like us and planning a train trip around the holidays, we have some good news for you. The railways offer a special service so that you can travel home for Diwali and Chhath with the assurance of a reserved seat. In all fairness, Indian Railways has made a major adjustment to improve the customer’s travel experience.

For that purpose, a unique plan has been set in motion. It is quite difficult to get a reservation during the holiday season. The railways have launched the Vikalp scheme to solve this problem. We will explain the process to ensure a guaranteed reservation under this plan.

Explains the concept of the Vikalp scheme

Indian Railways offers a wonderful option to help customers with waitlisted tickets to get confirmed seat on another train. The “Vikalp” program is a viable alternative for this. When it is very difficult to reserve a seat, as it happens during the festival season and school holidays, this plan is quite useful.

When a passenger’s ticket is not verified, the railways offers them a backup plan. If their ticket is not guaranteed for that specific train, they will be offered a confirmed seat on the next available train. It is optional to book a trip with this pre-selected offer. To ensure that all available berths are utilised, the Vikalp plan – also known as the alternative train accommodation scheme (ATAS) – was introduced in 2015. The system gives those on the waiting list for one train the opportunity to reserve a place. on another train for which a reservation has already been made.

What are the parameters of this plan?

You should know that choosing “alternative” does not guarantee you a seat on any other train. It all depends on the timetables of the trains and the availability of seats. Rules for this service, such as the boarding station and the interval between reservation and boarding a train, are complex and subject to change.

Buying tickets online provides this practical option

There will be an opportunity for passengers to participate in the VIKALP program under this plan. In order to be considered for allocation on the alternative train, VIKALP-selected passengers must have originally booked a place in the waiting period and still be on the waiting list after mapping. After booking, travelers who chose Full WL VIKALP should check the PNR.

When customers choose VIKALP, they are not always guaranteed a seat on the next available train. The service is dependent on the availability of a suitable train and a suitable berth. Once your reservation is confirmed for another train, cancellation fees will be assessed based on your berth or train status on the replacement train.

Every single traveler can benefit from this

All trains and fare classes are expected to follow this rail system. In addition, this service is available to all passengers on the waiting list. A traveler has the choice of five different trains simultaneously under this plan. We regret to inform you that this service is reserved for those passengers whose names are on the waiting list even after the corresponding charts have been prepared.

Get a confirmed ticket

Although there will be more trains overall due to the use of special trains, the passenger volume will not decrease much. It will be difficult to obtain tickets under these conditions. Reservations are recommended as places may be limited otherwise. Window tickets are the best option, but buying a tatkal or emergency ticket will also secure a seat if you can do so.

Main features of the plan

  • Passengers who choose VIKALP are always not guaranteed a place on the next available train. The service is dependent on the availability of a suitable train and a suitable berth.
  • All waitlisted passengers, regardless of booking quota or license status, will be eligible for the programme.
  • In this plan, riders can choose up to seven different trains to participate in the VIKALP program.
  • Waitlisted passengers have the option of being transferred to another train that departs anytime between 30 minutes and 72 hours after the original train’s scheduled departure. Alternative booking is available to all passengers booked via the system, regardless of whether boarding or arrival stops.
  • The passenger has not set additional charges, and no provision has been made for reimbursement of the price difference.
  • The only people who are eligible for allocation on the reserve train are the VIKALP-opted travelers who are still on the waiting list after mapping has taken place.
  • Either all or none of a PNR’s riders will be moved to another train of the same class.
  • Trains departing from any of the clusters of stations identified by railways may be replaced by those departing from stations closer to the final destination.
  • How to reserve a ticket using the Vikalp system?

  • Please visit the IRCTC website by entering your details.
  • To reserve a trip, fill out the form as you would for any other booking.
  • When the option “Opt for Vikalp” appears, select it.
  • Then a window will appear on the screen. Here you will find the guidelines for the Vikalp programme.
  • After that, select the ‘I agree’ box and go with the Vikalp plan.
  • To pay for your ticket, select “payment”.
  • After mapping, passengers who have received alternative accommodation through this program should double-check their PNR to see if their reservation has been updated.
  • You can get this data by calling helpline (139), visiting any PRS enquiry, or inquiring online at
  • For details check Railways or IRCTC website.


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