Three Jeep SUVs Fail to Impress in Consumer Reports’ Back-Seat Safety Test | So Good News


While some Jeep SUVs suffer from unreliable reliability, most are still great family vehicles. The top Wagoneer has enough seats for up to eight people, even in the third row. And the larger Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L boast the latest technology to keep passengers comfortable and entertained. However, Consumer Reports has revealed a weak spot in these Jeep SUVs. All three received distressing results in recent rear-seat safety tests. This is why these Jeep models did not meet the CR standards.

How does Consumer Reports rate rear-end safety?

Consumer Reports says it prioritizes child safety in its rear seat testing. Testers check how well a booster or standard car seat fits in each car. They also pay special attention to the availability of LATCH and the number of boosters and car seats that can fit in the back rows of the car.


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