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Tractebel completes design work for the redevelopment of three major railway stations in India

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): The Central Government Cabinet has recently approved Indian Railways’ proposal for the redevelopment of three major railway stations – New Delhi, Ahmedabad and the historic railway terminus in Mumbai. The redevelopment will create over 35,000 new jobs, boost local economies, promote greener transport and improve the daily commute of over two million travellers. Tractebel in India is responsible for design and planning for New Delhi and Ahmedabad, and completed cost estimates for the Mumbai station.

Redevelopment of New Delhi Railway Station

As a design consultant for the New Delhi Railway Station, Tractebel in India carried out the design and planning. The major works include surveys and investigations, traffic integration and design along with simulation and urban planning of the 120 hectare railway site and its surroundings. The work also includes engineering and planning of social and associated infrastructure, a modern railway station building, multimodal transport hubs on both sides of the railway station and a complete road infrastructure around the station with seven access roads and six exit roads.

Redevelopment of Ahmedabad Railway Station

Tractebel experts in India are also design consultants for Ahmedabad Railway Station, for which we carried out design and planning for redevelopment. The scope of work is similar to the New Delhi station, but over a total area for development of 36 hectares. The new station will be a hub with interchange facilities for passengers traveling by high-speed rail, Indian Railways, metro, bus rapid transit (BRT) and other forms of local transport.

Both the New Delhi and Ahmedabad hubs will be built under a public-private partnership (PPP) model to achieve self-sustaining railway stations with high standards of safety, comfort, efficiency, user-friendly passenger facilities and value-added services.

Redevelopment of the historic Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) in Mumbai

Tractebel has completed an independent estimate of the construction cost of the design prepared by other stakeholders. The work was based on design and documentation shared by the Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) with the consultant. The estimate was based on the relevant codes and best industrial practice, and the works were delivered according to the required timelines. The CSMT station in Mumbai is a historic railway terminal and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“Tractebel is proud to be actively associated with the modernization of major railway stations in India. We contribute to their development into iconic landmarks that represent major cities and to promote improved and greener transport for millions of commuters,” said Rahul Jotshi , Tractebel Product Manager, Transport Infrastructure.

The Minister of Railways announced the Government of India’s approval for the redevelopment of three major railway stations on 28 September 2022: New Delhi and Ahmedabad, for which Tractebel is the design consultant, and the historic railway terminal in Mumbai, where they completed cost estimates.


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