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Indian Railways has revamped railway stations across the country to give them a modern look. As many as 200 railway stations across the country will be given a facelift with modern facilities. Till now many railway stations including Gauriganj railway station have been redeveloped. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently approved the redevelopment of New Delhi railway station, Mumbai’s CSMT station and Ahmedabad railway station. But today the Ministry of Railways unveiled the design of a new railway station, located in the heart of Rajasthan and serving the locals as well as tourists, Udaipur Railway Station. It falls under the Ajmer division of the North Western Railway Zone of Indian Railways and has a capacity of approximately 16,465 passengers per day.

The rebuilt station will be turned into an integrated railway station, which will be on par with an international airport. The station will be redeveloped on a Design-Build Finance Operate Transfer (DBFOT) model using Transit Oriented Development (TOD) principles. The license period shall be 60 years and the licensee shall have an obligation to rebuild and maintain the station for 60 years as well as the right to claim income from station users and business development.

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The Ministry of Railways took to Twitter to share the news. “Smart Outlook for the smart, City of Lakes: A look at the proposed layout of the new Utaipur Railway Station, Rajasthan,” read the tweet.

The redevelopment station will have a new entrance station building on the east side, with plans for a new east-west road link through railway underbridges. It will also have connectivity with ISBT through commercial land via a network of walkways, segregation of entrances and exits at the station, and simple signage for all types of passengers.

Check out what all the new facilities the revamped Udaipur railway station will get:

Udaipur is known for its rich cultural heritage and is an important tourist destination for tourists. Therefore, the architectural style of Udaipur and the heritage of Rajasthan will be reflected in the remodeled railway station buildings. To provide the passengers with the best comfort in travelling, here are the facilities that the revamped Udaipur railway station will get:

– An airport-like runway for departing passengers and world-class facilities

– The station building will have segregated movement for arriving and departing passengers on different levels

– It will have superior road connections between the city and the railway station, including the bus station

– For the passengers’ convenience, there will be multimodal access, drop-off and parking

– Screened drop-off zone and meet-and-greet zone

– Covered parking attached to the station building

– The station building must be independent and step-by-step for rapid completion and commissioning,

– 100 percent Divyang accessible with lifts/ramps at all locations.


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