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The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is launching a program to encourage the use of artificial intelligence to limit the UK’s carbon emissions.

The AI ​​for Decarbonisation program is part of the government’s £1bn net-zero innovation portfolio, which aims to provide funding to help bring low-carbon technologies to market faster.

BEIS The program will not only help the UK meet its net zero targets, but also reduce energy costs and boosting the growth of the AI ​​technology market in the country.

The program consists of two separate streams of grant funding that will be rolled out in phases.

The first, worth up to £500,000, will be used to co-fund a virtual center of excellence for AI innovation and decarbonisation until March 2025. The other is up to £1 million and is for funding projects that accelerate development. AI technologies that enable decarbonization.

UK Science Secretary George Freeman said: “The UK is one of the world’s most advanced countries in the AI ​​economy and AI technology is already having a transformative impact on our economy and society.” “But there is huge potential to do more.

“The AI ​​for Decarbonisation program provides an exciting opportunity to use and develop the UK’s excellent experience in this area.

“Launching this fast-growing technology will enable us to save energy costs for businesses and households, create high-value, skilled jobs and trigger millions of pounds of private investment in support of our net zero goals.”

BEIS has supported projects that help work faster transition to renewable energy, decarbonizing industry by increasing energy productivity and fuel switching, and reducing emissions used in agriculture. The application period is expected to be open until then January 19, 2023.

BEIS also said it intends to continue the program with additional funding next year, which will be used to support “priority areas of AI innovation” identified by the virtual center of excellence as “critical to achieving net-zero”.

After the launch of the program is announced 2021 National AI Strategyit identifies ways in which AI can be used to help the UK achieve its net zero goals.

In the past year, artificial intelligence solutions have become popular as tools to solve some of the current and future problems of society.

Recently RResearchers at the University of Kansas used machine learning to create “deeply fake” proteins to detect polluting metal ions in water. The University of the West of Scotland has developed an AI that can quickly diagnose various lung diseases within minutes, with an accuracy of around 98%.

While AI has great potential, it can also cause harm. Recently, the White House to protect users’ digital and civil rights in an AI-powered world a new AI Bill of Rights.

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