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Notes from Interview with Chief Engineer,
KNO: Tell us something about the amnesty process, the
public response and the amount of money that has been
Answer: The amnesty policy was established by a
government of Jammu and Kashmir for consumers, which
over the years they have earned a lot of debt repayments, which
it has two parts—Big money and late
additional payment. The government has provided
an opportunity given to ordinary people to pay the full amount
only with a full refund of 100 percent of the additional cost. A
the buyer, who becomes part of the exemption, can
pay off his outstanding debts a
maximum 12 installments. In this case, we have
made many camps across Kashmir. Meanwhile,
response is good and at the end of this month, we
will know how much money due to
an amnesty plan has been assembled. We hope to find a
response to the attack.
TIP: Tell us something about preparing for winter.
What has happened this year to eliminate power
winter problems?
Answer: Just three years ago, we were
providing an interest rate of 1200 MWs during winter.

Because of the increased power in the transmission and on
distribution level, several new grid locations are available
come on, where the available stations have it
has been added. On the distribution side, we have been
able to add more than 80 receiver stations at the end
three years. Similarly, distribution channels have it
added to the system, because we are in a
the role of giving more power. Last year, we caught a
peak of 1750 MWs against 1200 MWs a few years ago,
thus there has been an appreciable increase of 550
MW that was delivered to consumers last year. This
year, due to various types of energy enhancement
that happened a few months ago, we
expected to flow around 1900MWs. That’s a big job
done after paddy harvest and
cut the branches, which are as important as these lines
risk due to branches. According to ancient practices, a
stability of lines and main branches cut accordingly
roots, the increase of some difficult lines has been
it’s done. Rehabilitation of two main lines-220KV
Wagoora Line is 132 KV Mir Bazar Wanpoh line is
happening when KPDCL has gone to buffer again
property. There are reasonable prices for trees and other things
available in every region.
KNO: What about the downtime? Is that
reduce winter?
Answer: Over the last few years, we have succeeded
gradually increase electricity from 1200 MWs; us
was able to supply 1750 MWs last year. Indeed, this
it has made things more efficient during the power outage
cold weather and has reduced energy consumption,
especially, if we see in the Pulwama belt, there has been

large electrical changes due to
establishment of a new grid station at Lassipora, likewise in
In north Kashmir, we have increased the number by 160
KVA to 320 MVA, Delina station is progressing
increase by adding another 160 MVA transformer
bank. So, we will see some changes, but
In the end, the onus is on the consumer to use it
electricity. The buyer has a contract with
KPDCL. It is the responsibility of the people to use it
electricity wisely by not using too much and
use more heating materials, especially black ones
electronic devices, leading to an increase in the
the process, so we have to work hard
KNO: As the power system is not provided
however, but people say that pesky power is low
Is the voltage bothering them?
Answer: There has been a shortage of energy during this period
the month of October. We were continuing with the line
regular work and cutting branches that we had to do
download the 33 and 11 KV lines for this
good time since the weather has not started to get cold and I
He said the harvest has already been done with the fields
It is logical, therefore, our employees can work freely on these lines
and we had to take the month of October
shutdowns for other reasons
power outages and shipping charges
reforming two main lines why we
he had to do some mitigation. Jobs have it
is almost finished, but for these shipping methods,
the work will be completed on November 15. However,

as the weather is not too cold, the required power is there
has increased by 30-40 percent.
KNO: What are the reasons for power cuts?
Answer: Low voltage is possible as long as you live
go and use a lot of heating equipment, that is
you are pulling electrical energy from the system with it
it will cause power outages and in some areas it may
because of low power. The solution to this problem is to
use the goods within their registered limits.
KNO: The government focuses on intelligent people
meter. How many are buried?
Answer: 1.50 lac smart meters are to be installed
cities of Srinagar and Jammu in phase-I. 57,750 wise
meters should be installed in Srinagar, who have them
has been completed and in phase-II, about three lac
meters should be installed in Srinagar. Out of them, a
The first contract of 1.5 lac meters has already been done
he accepted and the work began. Under the new
scheme, RDSS, 100 percent of all
consumers through smart meters should be fulfilled
the next three years.
KNO: The most daily wagers from the department were
either electrocuted or injured. What is it
The department that serves them is kind of old
Thanks are given to them every day
badges currently with KPDCL?
Answer: 6180 daily wagers are available here
they are working with KPDCL, which they get all the time
payment. KPDCL is taking accident risks

more and has taken other measures including
manufacture of protective equipment, protective equipment such as
helmets, seat belts. We have also provided local availability
the ground rods that the rod ends
local lines. We have also provided availability
high-quality detectors for potential workers
check if the line is live even without touching it.
The real problem is following that
means wherever workers (Temporary and
permanent) not following SOPs, because in the interim
working on electric power, there is some protection
which must be followed. So, once our employees do
shortcut, there is a great opportunity to find
electrocuted. We have been trying to encourage and educate
our staff regarding the SOPs we have been developing
conducting regular awareness camps on sub
section for employees to know about
policies and procedures being followed
that he may face any event or experience it
an accident. Also, we are buying more safety equipment
which also laws were executed. It will be
greatly reduce the number of such accidents once
employees tend to follow safety standards
and the use of protective equipment. In the case of ex gratia it is
in other ways, our temporary workers are already there
insurance coverage.
KNO: What about the benefits of SRO-43?
Answer: SRO-43 as per government norms and
applies to permanent employees. But, we did
however, he responded to this issue with high-profile updates as well
maybe at some point, some kind of relief will be available
added to them. In the case of regulars

workers, Next of Kin are assigned as
there is every event. Until now, most of the cases upto
it is now finished.
KNO: Is there any idea about the underground
Answer: At this point, we are done in secret
rise in only three places, which include Gulmarg,
Pahalgam and Sonamarg where total 11KV
network and LT network are installed underground.
Some pockets in Srinagar were identified on the ground
smart city project like bund and Lal chowk area, where
ground cabling will be taken. We have to
Note that underground cabling is very expensive
and maybe in our city and Mohallas, we don’t
to have the right way, the right way where we can
go for underground cabling, but it is very expensive
issue, so this depends on the availability of funds.
KNO: There is a wet weather forecast, and KPDCL
ready to face the challenge?
Answer: We have already started planning
KPDCL is ready to handle any challenge.
KNO: Any message for buyers?
Answer: Yes, my request is a message to
consumers will be using electricity wisely and
avoid using heaters and boilers. Use electricity as
for goods registered with KPDCL, which will help
by giving good things to people.—(KNO)


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