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Calgary, Alberta –News Direct– Voyageur Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Calgary, Alberta – TheNewswire – October 31; 2022: Voyageur Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (TSXV:VM) (OTC: VYYRF) (the “Company” or “Voyageur”) has announced that it has completed the design of its carbon neutral pharmaceutical plant, accelerating the revenue generation schedule for the Frances Creek barium sulfate project compared to the schedule of SGS Canada Inc’s preliminary economic assessment. ACH Engineering Inc estimates the total capital cost to be CAD $30M (excluding land). The facility is designed to produce approximately 5,000 tons per year of Frances Creek USP (US Pharmacopeia) grade barium sulfate (barite) concentrate. The first of its kind in a carbon neutral pharmaceutical manufacturing facility using carbon capture technology to convert waste carbon dioxide into fullerene nano particles for pharmaceutical contrast media drug development. The manufacturing facility is designed to generate revenue streams from pharmaceutical barium and iodine contrast media products for the radiology pharmaceutical market. The facility is expected to generate additional revenue from the sale of industrial barite and produce carbon fullerene allotropes for new drug development programs. Voyageur is from Canada; He chose to start the business in Alberta.

Voyageur CEO Brent Willis said, “North America is experiencing critical pharmaceutical supply chain challenges. To meet the needs of our healthcare system in North America, it has become increasingly important for Canadian companies to focus on local pharmaceutical manufacturing. Voyageur’s integrated approach to producing carbon neutral anti-aging media while focusing on our environment will be critical to healthcare security. Building the first carbon neutral pharmaceutical facility in Alberta, Canada will be a major milestone for Voyageur. We The added benefit of decarbonizing our customer base through the use of carbon credits will make our product line unique and attractive to ensure growth potential.”

The schedule to build the pharmaceutical manufacturing and R&D facility will take about 18 months to complete, according to the financing. Once the building is completed, Frances Creek Barium will begin processing. Voyageur plans to build a sterile GMP pharmaceutical facility in 2023 that will produce contrast media drugs. This will allow Voyageur to optimize its operations and create high-quality, profitable barium products. In parallel, Voyageur will import the iodine API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) and plan to use sterile syringes to produce iodine contrast media products. Manufacturing iodine medicine using imported iodine API is the first step in the company’s approach. Full integration of anti-iodine production is planned for Phase 2, which will focus on the production of iodine (from wellhead to vial) from mineral brine.

Voyageur’s mission is to provide barium for the North American and global markets. A complete combination of iodine and fullerene contrast media; To create a safe and environmentally responsible supply chain. The facility design includes a state-of-the-art laboratory and an R&D drug development wing to enable in-house testing and innovation. Voyageur Rain Cage Carbon Inc. to capture CO2 from factories’ power plant exhaust. (RCC) carbon capture technology will be used. RCC and Voyageur plan to produce a significant amount of fullerene carbon annually from captured waste CO2 (RCC technology creates fullerene carbon allotropes from captured CO2 in its process).

It was previously announced that under the terms of a development agreement MOU, the advanced carbon impregnation would be used for anti-material development. Voyageur’s power generation will be designed to be large enough to sell excess power to the grid and generate significant carbon credits. Voyageur and Rain Cage are collaborating to create a carbon credit distribution program that will allow Voyageur to deliver carbon credits to its customers by helping customers meet their Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) needs.

Voyageur’s strategy to create the first fully integrated, net zero carbon pharmaceutical manufacturing company is about to come to fruition. The additional sales strategy of implementing a corporate offsetting sales plan by transferring carbon credits to customers is a unique and profitable concept that Voyageur and RC look forward to working together. Voyageur’s mission is to decarbonize the supply chain network in the radiology market. Globally, companies are looking for mechanisms to meet their ESG needs. If successful, Voyageur’s strategy will offer the market an innovative, cost-effective route to decarbonization and allow Voyageur to gain market share in the radiology market using carbon as a sales and marketing tool.

Voyageurs previously released a preliminary economic assessment (PEA) from SGS Canada Inc;

  • Base Case Net Present Value @ 8% Discount = $464 M pre-tax; $344 M after tax

  • Initial project horizon – 10 years

  • Total capital required over 3 years – $36 M (Management reduced this cost by 37% to $22.5M, reduced schedule, iodine, full production and carbon capture = approximately $30M

  • Payback period after start of production – 11 months

  • Average operating profit of 75% over project

The Company’s third quarter consolidated financial statements and management’s discussion and analysis (“MD&A”) are filed on SEDAR at under the Company Profile.

About Voyageur

Voyageur is a Canadian public company listed on the TSXV under the trading symbol VM. Voyageur is barium; Focusing on iodine and carbon Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (“API”) and high performance imaging contrast agents for the medical imaging market. Voyageur’s goal is to initially generate positive cash flow from operations used by third-party GMP pharmaceutical manufacturers in Canada. Ultimately, Voyageur has plans to build all the necessary infrastructure to become 100% self-sufficient in all manufacturing operations. Voyageur Advanced Iodine, located in Utah, USA. It owns 100% interests in three barium sulfate (barite) projects suitable for the pharmaceutical market, including the Frances Creek property, with additional interests in lithium and bromine brine projects. Voyageur is moving forward with a single business plan to become the only integrated company in the field of radiological contrast media by controlling all primary input costs under the motto “From Earth to Bottle”.

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