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GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. & AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Water Tower (TWT) today announced a transformative new partnership with Olea Edge Analytics.TM, a technology innovation company based in Austin, Texas. Olea is the first member of TWT’s new transformational partnership tier to advance new technologies to support water management.

Olea Edge Analytics uses artificial intelligence to monitor key utility assets to identify water loss and performance issues and help identify needed system repairs. Olea’s Meter Health Analytics™ solution diagnoses the health of large commercial and industrial water meters, which under normal conditions can lose more than 10% accuracy per year. The technology detects water loss in the system, and utilities can experience lost revenue that affects their customers’ costs.

Olea recently installed smart water control technology at TWT to demonstrate how it can benefit water utilities by saving water and money.

“Tests of Olea’s technology have detected water loss that traditional inspections cannot detect,” said Melissa Meeker, CEO of The Water Tower. “This is a great example of how new technology can help utilities harden their systems and ensure that every drop of water is accounted for.”

The city of Irving, Texas recently tested Olea technology through a pilot program on some of its larger water meters. The program reduced water consumption and improved billing accuracy for its largest customers, while recovering approximately $160,000 in annual revenue.

“Using Olea’s technology, utilities can identify the most critical performance issues, prioritize repairs and prevent millions of gallons of water loss,” said Quinn Jackson-Elliott, Olea Edge Analytics vice president of government relations. “Our partnership with The Water Tower allows water utilities, large or small, to see firsthand how this technology can improve their operations and bottom line.”

Utility managers and the public can experience Olea’s smart water monitoring technology during a tour of The Water Tower on Friday, December 2 at 2 p.m. To register for the tour, visit https://tinyurl.com/tower-tour.

About the water tower

Water tower is a new type of innovation center that responds to the many complex challenges facing water management through an integrated approach to applied research, technological innovation, workforce development and stakeholder engagement. Water Tower’s mission is to create a thriving ecosystem of water innovation driven by imagination, informed by research and powered by pioneers. For more information, visit www.theh2otower.org.

About Olea Edge Analytics

Olea’s proven technology enables utilities to optimize water delivery, billing and savings so cities can earn millions. Helping water utilities deal with aging infrastructure, meet high demand and limit speed increases, Olea’s patented solution combines AI and edge computing to bring transparency, accuracy and reliability to the delivery of the world’s most precious resource. For more information, visit oleaedge.com.


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