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Mint Review Part 6, Part 23

Season 6, Episode 23 of the Mint Podcast with Adam Levy presents Gaby Goldberg. He is an Investor at TCG Crypto, the first consumer crypto fund focused on web3, investing in the Passion Economy. Some of these organizations include RabbitHole, Archive, and The Hume Collective. He is also a self-proclaimed shitposter.

An interesting area in crypto is the verification of a person’s identity and how their profile appears on the Internet, whether on web2 or web3. Related to this is interaction with the consumer experience. For web3 specifically:

“Wallets are a way to communicate with web3.”

One of the biggest divisions between web2 and web3 is getting people to try web3 products. This is often due to having a financial incentive to do so (eg, lower price expectations, token incentives, etc.). Web3’s “consumers” can be thought of as structural pieces through their behavior. For example, chain sleuths (investigators) create market opportunities for successful block explorers. In the end, for Gaby, it mostly comes down to this:

“[What] and things that help us better share and understand what digital experiences look like?”

For Gaby, in five years, this bag will be one of the most important consumer products for individuals and businesses. For businesses, it’s over now. Through crypto wallets, they can find out how the customer spends money, what areas and brands they are associated with, etc.

“This allows people to be ‘collectors’ and create a kind of gaming experience for businesses, manufacturers, and people.”


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