Western Railway RPF of Mumbai Division arrests 428 suspects involved in various cases during Operation Yatri Suraksha | So Good News


Western Railways Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel are always at the forefront to protect and secure the lives of passengers. RPF WR has launched Operation Yatri Suraksha where RPF nabs criminals involved in passenger related crimes like theft and robbery and the accused are handed over to GRP for further legal action. Taking a focused approach to enhance the safety of passengers, Western Railway’s RPF of Mumbai Division detected a total of 494 cases from January to September 2022 using CCTV surveillance cameras.

According to a press release issued by Sumit Thakur – Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway, RPF has made special efforts to curb the menace of theft of passenger property in Mumbai division both in suburban and long distance trains with the help of crime intelligence. To give impetus to Operation Yatri Suraksha, Western Railway has installed 3,897 CCTV cameras including 488 cameras with embedded facial recognition system (FRS) which contain details of criminals along with their pictures uploaded in the system to curb crimes against passengers. From January 2022 to September 2022, WR’s RPF has detected 494 cases of crime against passengers and has arrested 428 accused, as well as recovered property worth over Rs. NOK 1.37 million.

Thakur added that to continue with this amazing performance of RPF WR in controlling crimes against passengers, WRs of RPF Posts Mumbai Central, Surat and Vadodara detected three particular cases recently, in a single day and succeeded in nabbing the culprit.

At Mumbai Central Station, a theft of a passenger bag containing an Apple Macbook laptop with accessories and cash Rs. 1200/- total value of Rs. 1,33,100/- had been reported in train No. 12931 at Platform No. 1 at Mumbai Central Station and in that connection a case was registered against an unknown person. Subsequently, an RPF team was formed at Mumbai Central RPF Post to support the GRP/MMCT in detecting the case and after reviewing and scrolling the huge data of the CCTV footage, the suspect was identified. The picture of the suspect was uploaded which showed that he visited Vasai Road station frequently. A continuous vigil was kept on the suspect and on the basis of input received from the FRS, the suspect was apprehended by the RPF team and handed over to the GRP for further necessary action.

At Surat station, at about 7:55 am, a thief grabbed a mobile phone worth Rs. 12000/- from a passenger who boarded Train No. 20804 at Platform No. 2. The thief after grabbing the mobile tried to run away, which was noticed and apprehended by the Crime Prevention & Detection Squad (CPDS) RPF- employees. After a brief investigation, the offender accepted his guilt for stealing the mobile phone and revealed his name as Aspaq Nisar Shaikh age -22 years. He was then handed over to GRP Surat for further legal action. GRP Surat registered a case against the offender u/s-379 IPC.

In yet another incident, an Alarm Chain Pulling (ACP) took place at Vadodara station as soon as train No. 20907 left the station. The ACP was attended by RPF personnel on duty and found that an outsider absconded after stealing passenger property. After a thorough search and on the basis of the identification of the clothes, the offender named Manish, aged 19, from whom a gold chain worth Rs. NOK 25,000 was recovered. After contacting the aggrieved female passenger and confirming/identification of the stolen chain, the said aggrieved was handed over to GRP/Vadodara for further necessary action, on which GRP/Vadodara registered a case.


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