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Hannah Wilson, Barbados’ top junior female player, won a silver medal at the 2022 Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Girls Under-14 Chess Championship in Tegucigalpa, Honduras last week.

Wilson came in first and was last year’s under-12 women’s champion and was the best player in the field. But things went awry when Wilson lost in the third round to Guatemala’s Daniela Dacey Raimundo.

From there, Wilson had to play catch for the rest of the tournament. She defeated Aradhana Singh of Trinidad and tied with leader Raymundo of Panama’s Esther Lobo, immediately starting the chase from the next round. With Wilson’s victory, both players had won all of their games leading up to the final round, but Raymundo had even played his games.

This means that both players finished with 7 ½ points out of 9. However, Raymundo would win as the first tie-break was a direct result of their match, and Raymundo then defeated Wilson. So Raymundo would get the gold medal and Wilson the silver medal. Lobo was third with 7 points.

Another Bajan in this division of the event was Chanon Reifer-Belle. Raifer-Belle found it a little difficult, but finished with a creditable 50 percent. He was initially ranked 5thth Out of 15 players from 7 countries, but he ended up finishing 7th.

Barbados also had two players in the Under-18 squad. Louis Wilson is our public figure and Guybrianna Moore is our woman. The two divisions were combined after not enough women registered for the separate women’s event.

Louie started brightly and after 4 rounds was in 8th place with 2 ½ points. But he had just two points in his last 5 games and couldn’t finish higher than 13th in the 29-man field.

Gaibrianna Moore finished 23rd overall and 6th in the girls field by 3 ½ points. Cuba’s Alan Otero won the open division, while Sofia Mayorga from Costa Rica won the women’s division.

More than 250 players representing 9 countries participated in the CAC Youth Festival in the 18-year-old category in the male/female category between 8 and 18 years old. (PR)

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