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WILWorks (Work Integrated Learning) offers excellent opportunities to students.

As Canadian manufacturing continues to struggle with the effects of a nationwide labor shortage, recruiting methods have become an increasingly prominent discussion for employers.

Outstanding in the manufacturing industry’s suite of recruitment initiatives, WILWorks (Work Integrated Learning) has been well received by the industry as a way to connect manufacturers with the workforce support they need through a large network of young workers seeking careers in the industry.

Producers Let’s take a closer look at EMC’s WILWorks graduate program, which aims to build connections between recent graduates and young people.

EMC recently interviewed a WILWorks program participant about his experience; She brings together insights into her career and what she has learned throughout her placement. This participant provided a valuable look into the inner workings of the program and provided a timely assessment of the current state and future prospects of the Canadian manufacturing industry.

The tone of the interview was definitely positive. plastic welding; material preparation, The participant discussed various job responsibilities she was supported during her placement, including work organization and general support activities.

Of particular note, as he identified, the participant’s enjoyment of using advanced machinery is a skill that can only be developed in a manufacturing environment. Special attention is paid to the manufacturer’s safety and cleanliness standards. This work received a remarkably favorable evaluation. The participant identified employee communication and collaboration as an emphasis of her typical workday, and her appreciation for these interactions was clear from the variety of guidance and advice she sent back to EMC.

This participant placed great importance on the recognition she received from senior management and emphasized the importance of such recognition for all employees.

The process of advertising an available position is simple, but attracting new employees to the position is more complex.

Today’s youth have high expectations for their potential careers in addition to the need for fair compensation. Without adequately responding to these aspirations, manufacturers may face challenges in attracting these younger workers to their organizations.

Make sense of your business when posting available positions at your company. Be sure to highlight what makes the industry and the world great. Individuals who can immediately understand a role’s tangible impact on the environment will be eager to learn more, as it allows them the ideal opportunity to demonstrate their company’s value.

Access to the ideas and opinions of young professionals, such as those described earlier, is an important tool for modernizing and refining recruitment methods in manufacturing. through EMC’s WILWorks graduate program; Business leaders establish valuable communication channels with the future of workers in this industry; They stand to gain motivated and energetic employees.

Funding provided by these WILWorks initiatives; By leveraging networking and operational benefits; Start developing the next generation of manufacturing success.

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