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Like many other HomeKit manufacturers, Yeelight is announcing support for Matter across their entire lineup. When completed in early October, Matter aims to organize the entire smart home environment with an open standard supported by Apple, Google, Amazon, and others. The initial release of Matter will support several popular home categories: lighting and lighting, HVAC controls, window blinds and shades, security and safety sensors, door locks, media devices including TVs, controllers such as hardware and software, and bridges.

For Yeelight’s line of electronic products, Matter Protocol will support many future products as well as the existing product line. In addition to its previous Home lighting series, the new Yeelight Fun portfolio is being added to the list of Matter devices!

Yeelight Cube, a new iteration of their already popular smart lights, will hit the market soon. The user can create unique and original lamp designs, as well as change the appearance of their desktop through this device that is designed and built like LEGO.

In addition, Yeelight plans to release a new line of Home lighting products that will also include Matter support. Yeelight Pro is easy to use! All products under this option will support Matter with a simple OTA update.

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The Matter standard could be a big help in the smart home market. It offers additional devices across platforms without further ado, meaning that if one device is compatible with Matter then it is also compatible with HomeKit.

With the new version of HomeKit that Apple has in beta, accessory developers no longer need to integrate each individual smart home platform – such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Instead of creating different integrations for different platforms, developers can make them compatible with Matter, so they will be compatible with other major platforms.

Release slowly, but I believe it will improve everything with a “smart home”.

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