Yu-Gi-Oh! Star Wars 3D comes to life like a chess game | So Good News


French after 7 months of testing, working and nailing Yu-Gi-Oh! fan SuperZulux Built one of the coolest card games I’ve ever seen: a game mat and camera setup which, thanks to augmented reality technologies, can broadcast 3D versions of it Monsters when he plays cards.

When I said, he entered work, I mean it. But SuperZouloux has been dreaming of something like this all his life, and knew almost nothing about it when he embarked on the project earlier this year. the wanted of hardware or software it should handle. So he started reading.

If he wanted to program and animate monsters, he had to learn how to develop in Unreal Engine. He had to break into the Arduino scene to hack the required hardware. He had to learn how NFC worked and how he could use itSo when he places the cards on his custom mat, they begin the required actions.

“Fortunately, I surrounded myself with passionate and competent people who shared their experience with me. I’m on this trip full of pitfalls.” SuperZouloux says. “I was skeptical from the beginning, but mostly I learned. I learned this in a project I wanted to do alone it was important to surround yourself. Alone we go faster, together we go forward, this maxim has never resonated with me as much as in this project.”

SuperZouloux demonstrates the technology in this video, which is in French but with English subtitles so we can all follow along. Mostly enjoying how happy he is amazing everything is visible.



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